Understanding Interpersonal Behaviour

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Write an essay on Understanding Interpersonal Behaviour. Paper must be at least 2250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!Individual behavior according research is a product of a multitude of factors that are interrelated (Capozza, 2000). As such, these factors are true for both particular actions and patterns of behavior. Based on the complexity of the said factors, it becomes challenging to underpin the exact influence of individual behavior with broad characteristics such as individual thoughts, genetics, feelings, social interaction with other individuals, macro-social environment, and individual interaction between groups (Barlow, 2013). In this essay, the researcher will answer the question: “In what ways does an individual’s behavior change when s/he is part of a group?”Considerationof various methods, perspectives and underpinning of epistemological assumptions will be undertaken in answering the question. It will also be necessary to consider the context of the individual and group such as cultural and societal factors and the importance of interactions, experience, values and social norms (Brown, 2010).The key factors that are involved in group behavior include conformity, obedience, groupthink, prejudice, social identity theory, schemas and stereotypes (Brown, 2010). These factors will be discussed and evaluated in the essay alongside relevant research and theories. The rationale of discussing the aforementioned factors is due to how they influence the behavior of an individual under influence in a group.Group behavior is a situation in which individuals interact in groups which may be small or large, and within which certain values, norms and characteristics are internalized within an individual, status differentials and communication patterns (Capozza2000, p.16).Majority of research that is conducted in the area of group behavior have been mainly based on experimental perspectives in psychology (Capozza, 2000). However,

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