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Total return annualised holding period yieldQuestion Use the following data and complete the table. Assume you used DoHar-Cost-Averaging Method toinvest in Company X stocks since 2017 until end of 2018 and you made quarterly contributions. If the stock price of Company X on the last trading day of 2018 was $135 and you sold all yourshares on that day, calculate a. Total Return ($)b. Annualized Holding Period Yield (%) (Show your calculations for total return and annualized holding period yield clearly) Time Period Contributions to Dollar- Average stock price Number of Company XCost-Averaging (Company X) during the shares bought duringinvestment plan period the period (in integer) 1st Quarter 2017 $30,000 $1252mi Quarter 2017 $30,000 $1273rd Quarter 2017 $30,000 $130 Total : ??? Average Price : ??? Total Number ofShares 1%; ??P

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