Monitoring and early detection

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Question:Which of the methods listed below would be MOST effective for monitoring and early detection of a lateral blast? Hint: read and think carefully about these choices!Select one:a. GPS receivers to detect growth of the volcanob. c. Tiltmeters recording deformation of the volcano surfaced. e. Analyzing patterns of earthquakes occurring deep in the magma chamber Which of the following hazards took the longest to reach residents living below the Mt. St. Helens volcano?Select one:a. earthquake b. c. lahard. pyroclastic flow e. turbulent surgeBased on the outcome of that eruption, what is the likely demise of big Mt. St. Helens crater?Select one:a. a slow eruption of sticky lava that infills the craterb. a slow eruption of lava that piles volcanic rock onto the flank of the volcanoc. infilling of the crater by ejected pumice lapilli d. slow growth of the crater by collapse of the floore. infilling of the crater by a runny lava that builds a lakeConsider the topographic map of Mt Rainier below… also available in full size on the main iLearn page. It shows a birds eye view of the top of the volcano, it’s slopes, rivers that travel down the volcano, and the valleys below.Where on this volcano do you expect the lahars to form?Select one:a. In the river valleys b. c.At the head of the glaciersd. On the volcano slopes

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