Methodological and theoretical approaches

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Write 10 page essay on the topic Compare and contrast the methodological and theoretical approaches of two different pieces of social science research exploring the same topic/issue.The two articles that are compared and contrasted in this paper are ‘Towards a more pragmatic multiculturalism? How the UK Policy community sees the future of ethnic diversity policies’ by Peter Taylor-Gooby and Edmund Waite (2014) and ‘Has multiculturalism in Britain retreated?’ by Varun Uberoi and Tariq Modood (2013). In their article, Taylor-Gooby and Waite (2014) explore the changing attitudes towards multiculturalism in British society. They consider various perspectives through interviews with eminent personalities and come to the conclusion that changes have come about in the way policymakers and politicians interpret multiculturalism more negatively. However, at a societal level, multiculturalism continues to be valued and the people are progressing towards a pragmatic approach towards multiculturalism that promotes resolving cultural issues through appreciation of the cultural context and differing opinions.The second article by Uberoi and Modood (2013) present a different picture by stating that multiculturalism has assumed negative connotations over time in British society. The article states that multiculturalism is seen as a forced construct in society and perpetuates inequality in state services. For instance, they explain that several state services are no longer offered in multiple languages. They state further that the retreat from multiculturalism by British politicians and policymakers may be an indication of the negative ways in which multiculturalism is perceived. Compared with the melting pot kind of cultural assimilation in the United States, politicians may believe that multiculturalism promotes ghettoization and segregation of communities on the basis of their cultural differences.The first thing that needs to be compared is the approach to research adopted by the authors of the two articles. The article by

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