Initial conceptual mode

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Using LucidChart, prepare an INITIAL conceptual model (Entity Relationship Diagram) for Monash Hospital (MH)Attachment 1Attachment 2Sample Documents ADMISSION PROCEDURE CHARGE SHEET A i l n D iPatient id 102345Patient Name Wendy LeeDate/Time of Admission 14/03/2019 10:00Supervising Doctor ID: 1298 Name: Mr Graham BrownWileProcedure code 15509Procedure Name XRAY. knee rightRequested by ID: 2459 Name: Dr Robert LuCarried out byCarried out on 14/03/2019 14:00Procedure Charge to Patient $70.10 Additional item Charges for this Procedureitem Code Description Quantity Total Item Charge Total Extras Charges Procedure code 49518Procedure Name KNEE. Total ReplacementRequested by ID: 1298 Name: Mr Graham BrownCarried out by ID: 7890 Name: Dr Mary WeiCarried out on 15/03/2019 08:00Procedure Charge to Patient $339.35 Additional item Charges for this ProcedureItem Code Description KN056 Right Knee Brace $0.00 Quantity Total Item ChargeAN002 Std Anaesthetic Pack 183006 Additional Stainless Steel pins 4 Total Extras Charges $182.33$60.00$123.00 $365.33 Page4of11

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