Human service professional

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Write an essay on Human service professional. It needs to be at least 500 words.Hence, strong networking skills and communication become vital tools to build constructive relationship with the employees to gain their trust.In the era of rapid globalization, workforce is distinct in its diversity. To create a cohesive and empowered team, cross cultural understanding is very important issue. I need to be more proactive in my effort to not only gain the confidence of workers but also ensure that workers also develop understanding of different cultures and teamwork is enhanced through mutual respect and collective decisions. A cohesive workforce is able to make valuable contribution to the goals and objectives of the organization. This was proved when there was conflict of views between two workers who were from different culture. I was able to resolve the issue primarily because I had understanding of their cultures and was able to convince them as to how they can together work for improved result.This was also a prime case of clash of values: personal and professional values. One of the workers was of Chinese origin and other was American. American professionals give great credence to time and efficiency whereas Chinese believe that developing personal relationship greatly improves outcome. So when new product was to be launched, American executive was quite upset with his Chinese counterpart as he was insisting that people who would be the prospective users need to be informed about it. He believed that prior relationship building effort would help to give clue to develop better marketing strategy. While time is important factor but relationship building is equally critical. Bringing them together and sharing each other’s concern helped to resolve the issue. The launch was a thumping success.One of the most urgent needs of the organizations is to create a learning environment for its workforce. I have strong networking skills and therefore, it becomes easier

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