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Now, there is an attachment of an example of a flyer to emulateIn this assignment, you will use design principles from chapter 17 to create a public document, developed with a particular audience in mind, in order to inform, persuades, instructs, and/or entertain that audience. This assignment asks you to (1) design an original, visual document suitable for this audience and purpose and (2) compose a design report that outlines and explains your design choices.What Should I Design?Because you will be focusing on design decisions for this assignment and because of time constraints, it is crucial that you design a document around a topic about which you have already written. This process will alleviate the need to conduct much, if any, research in order to complete your design. You must choose from the following three options for this assignment.Please Note: Option 3 is recommended only for specific circumstances upon which a student and the instructor agree in advance. The majority of students are expected to choose either Option 1 or Option 2 to complete this assignment.Option 1: Design a document for one of the groups of stakeholders involved in your Assignment 4 submission— Defining a Problem/Proposing a Solution submission.Option 2: Design a document that informs, persuades, and/or instructs readers of the position you argued for in your Assignment 3 Position Arugment submission.Option 3: Get your instructor’s approval to design a document unrelated to a previous class assignment. To get approval, you will need to demonstrate the following:Your document will serve a need for a group of people to which you belong (i.e., your co-workers, neighborhood association, church group, club, or other organization).No significant research will be required to compose your document.What Will Be Due?There are two parts to the final draft of this assignment.An original, visual public documentYou will want to create a document that is visual (not too text heavy; follows a visual design of your creation) and that relies on interesting design to educate, persuade, instruct, or entertain you intended audience. You will want to design a document that will catch a reader’s eye. You document should also be one that your audience can read relatively quickly, put to use, and/or share. Lesson 13 in the course commentary provides examples of public documents.Your final document should be saved as either a DOC (MS Word) or PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file and uploaded to the Assignment 5 Final Draft Drop Box. (If you work in another software program, save your final file as a JPG image and then insert it into an MS Word document.)The design reportIn a memo to your instructor, provide a detailed explanation of the decisions you made to create your document. Divide your report into three sections.Section 1: Audience and PurposeIdentify the intended audience and purpose for your document. This is the portion of your report that should depend most fully on the rhetorical concepts we have been learning about and using all semester. Most generally, this section should reflect upon two key questions:Who is the intended audience for this document?What is purpose of this document?See page 4 of Lesson 14 (of the course commentary) for additional questions that will help you answer these questions fully.Section 2: Content and OrganizationProvide a rationale for the content and organizational decisions you made in this document. Consider the following questions:Why did you choose the type of document form (bulletin, flyer, policy sheet, etc.) that you did for this project? How does this form relate to your intended audience, your purpose, and other situational considerations (such as where and how the document will be viewed)?Effective visual design relies on limited wording/text. How did you decided what to include and what not to include in your document?How does the content anticipate readers’ questions?Explain your strategy for arranging the components of your document. Given this arrangement, how do you expect your audience to read your document? (How do you expect the reader’s eye to move across/through the document? How long do you anticipate it will take to read the document? What will readers see first and last? etc.) How do these decisions take into account your audience, the document purpose, etc.?Section 3: Document DesignProvide a rationale for the design decisions you made as you drafted this document. Be sure to explain how you used the following four principles of design, from Lesson 11 and Chapter 19:Group similar items together.Align visual elements.Use repetition and contrast to create consistent visual patterns.Create visual interest.RequirementsYou must complete both parts of this assignment: an original, visual public document and a design report.Your public document and design report should both demonstrate your mastery of visual and rhetorical principles of effective communication.Your public document should employ the four visual design principles explained in chapter 17 of The Call to Write.The body of your design report should use the following header at the top of the first page:To:

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