Eflection of facial expressions

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Write a research paper on the reflection of facial expressions to ones thinking. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. The study develops the understanding of facial expressions’ communications to predict happiness, sadness, disgust, contempt, surprise, fear, and angry moods.According to research, people often tend to react as though they are coping with hardships but through their facial expressions, an expert can predict their mental status and moods. The study of people’s facial expressions is vital in the eradication of chances whereby people might judge others depending on their verbal talk (Nierenberg & Calero, 1971). Scholars have identified various methods, which people should use in evaluating other people’s thoughts from the evidence presented through their facial expressions. The psychological ideology enables observers to avoid the misconception of information that emanates from the use of assumptions.Research asserts that a person’s happiness might be genuine or forced, but it is from the use of psychological evaluation tactics that a person would be capable of evaluating the reality of the emotional situation. For example, professional studies indicate the presence of wrinkled muscles above the eyes of a person whose smile is not genuine (Beattie, 2004). It is notable that people force to show their happiness whenever they are in social events and are afraid of behaving from their uneasiness in crowded places (McNeill, 1992). Therefore, it is vital for a person to pay attention to the possibility of wrinkles in the faces of those people who are unhappy about certain factors but are trying their best to avoid being recognized as discontented about the immediate situations (Pease & Pease, 2013). The presence of puffy muscles along the eyebrows is evidence to show that the people are engaged in a series of thoughts that hurt their emotions. hence, they are unhappy about something, but they are unable to portray the emotions to their companions, friends, or any other groups of people in the environment.Sadness is an emotion that&nbsp.people are unable to hide from their immediate environment. Psychologists argue the presence of wrinkled muscles in the face as indications to depict the presence of sad emotions.

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