Crime rate

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8 page research paper on why the crime rate so high in Memphis, Tennessee. Bascially she wants us to revise our research papers and add little bit more to it. Requirements: Eight to ten pages (excluding works cited) Must include eight sources, of which five must be academic or government sources.  04:45 Thus, your final and major project of this course asks you to take all that you have learned about writing processes, composing, and research in order to revise your researched argumentu may use writing you produced in your first draft, but if the paper does not change significantly, then you will fail the assignment. Your goal for this paper should be to improve your argument and to improve your presentation (tone, sentence structure, organization) of that argument. This paper should be a minimum of eight pages and use a minimum of eight sources (five of which have to be academic).  04:46 You are making global revisions. You can update the format you can incorporate visuals, and you should be incorporating more research. You can change the organization. Anything that makes your argument more effective and academic

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