Constant force

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Question 13:Tracy (of mass 49 kg) and Tom (of mass73 kg) are standing at rest in the center of theroller rink, facing each other, free to move.Tracy pushes off Tom with her hands and re-mains in contact with Tom’s hands, applyinga constant force for 0.95 s. Tracy moves 0.5 mduring this time. When she stops pushing offTom, she moves at a constant speed.A)What is her constant acceleration during her time of contact with Tom?Answer in units of m/s2B)What is Tracy’s final speed after this con-tact?C)What force was applied to Tracy duringthis time?Answer in units of NSolution:a.) Given, Since, So, the acceleration is, b.) As, and So, the final speed is, c.) As, Tracy’s mass, So, the force applied to the Tracy, and acceleration,

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