Youth and Drugs

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Youth and Drugs. In order to get an answer to these questions, it is necessary for research to be carried out. This is a research proposal for research on youth and drugs. Youth and drugs is not a new thing, as it has been mentioned and studied a number of times before by other researchers. However, it should be noted that there has always been a difference in the findings in these studies. Furthermore, most of these researches focus on specific aspects or questions relating to youth and drugs. This makes it easier to carry out a research on this topic because of the fact that there are relevant findings that had already been availed in the reports written after the various studies and researches were carried out by different people with different perspectives and missions. It should be noted that drug abuse among the youth is a social, health, and economic concern. This is because it can hinder the performance of the youth who form a significant part of the total population of human beings globally. This implies that it is a problem that in many occasions has been undermined, but should be looked into with the seriousness that it deserves. Michelle Miller?Day looked at the role of parenting strategies on late adolescent and drug abuse. She asserts that the strategies used in talking to the youth about drugs sometimes are effective because parents do not want to be straight about the issue. Vardakou, Pistos, and Spiliopoulou assert that the use of the internet by the youth can be said to one of the factors that lead to the high rates of drug abuse among the youth. Duff (2003) carried out a research on the contribution of the youth culture to the rate of drug abuse in Australia. They found out that the youth culture was a significant contributor to drug abuse among the youth in Australia. Wilens and Biederman (2006) assert that drug abuse and addiction among the youth is a contributor to the high rate in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder that is being observed to be common among the youth all over the world.

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