Your Development as an Educator

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Assignment Help

Write a 2 page essay on Your Development as an Educator.This is arguably true because teaching nursing, for example involves teaching adults and this call for confidence. Deliberations here are that these students already have some knowledge on how to interpret and contemplate various concepts during the learning process. Therefore, it is paramount that teachers have confidence that would help them answer and respond to students questions especially during discussions.In another dimension, since teaching nursing involves teaching adults, it is necessary for teachers to be patient with them. Some students have other issues to attend to before they come to class, and this means that they might at times be late for lessons. Others may be preoccupied by other issues, something that may lead to slow learning and concentration. Therefore, it would be necessary for the teacher to learn how to adapt to their pace of learning as they continue to encourage and mentor them on how they can overcome such issues (Ironside, et al., 2005). In this regard, it is apparent that the teacher has to be dedicated in order to overcome such challenges.Although teaching nursing is a bit challenging, I have gained several insights that have helped me function more effectively as a nurse educator. Firstly, it is apparent that although being patient with students is one of the strategies of successful teaching, it is not as easy as it sounds. This means that one has to adjust his/her personality in order to be compatible with this strategy. In this regard, one would find it necessary to engage students in setting out learning goals, which would fuel their motivation hence facilitating learning. Conversely, when students perform well, it is for their own benefit and that of the nursing practice. In fact, nursing theory posits that nursing is a call that requires people to take care of others (Bonnel

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