Xanith of Oman

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Compose a 250 words essay on Xanith of Oman. Needs to be plagiarism free!This group of people has special prerogatives concerning the cultural peculiarities of Oman. The xanith are allowed to avoid all restrictions that produced for men due to the question of female seclusion (Archer and Lloyd, 102).It should be admitted that in Oman xanith are a social phenomenon and a part of their culture. This people are regarded as “a space between roles of men and women” (Archer and Lloyd, 103). Therefore, such addition to a gender division is considered to be relevant and useful for Muslim culture in general and Oman culture in particular.Such representatives as xanith are possible to apprehend as transsexuals in our society. It is worse to admit that such minorities can evoke contradictions in some group of people. Nevertheless, we live in democratic society that is why we are in need to express loyal and moderate attitude to different representatives of

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