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Download and do a full written analysis of the statement contained in the document “Husband Shoots Self” and submit the written analysis to me through Moodle by the due date. This analysis should identify the MLU, prologue, central issue, and epilogue. You need to give an opinion about whether the narrative is deceptive as to form. You need to also do a sentence by sentence analysis of the statement. The sentence by sentence analysis should give the length of the sentence and whether or not it is deceptive on its face. It should also identify the semantic components such as temporal lacunae, weakened assertions, introjections, abjurations, etc in each sentence and what they mean for that sentence. Give your opinion of the truthfulness of the statement. Also, based on what you see in the statement – What areas would you investigate further? What areas would you concentrate on in interviewing the wife? If she is lying, how would you go about getting a confession from her?I have posted my analysis of Kennedy’s Chappaquiddick statement for your review. It will give you a good idea of how a full blown analysis is done. I want you to use the same format I use in my analysis for the analysis

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