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Submit a 250 words essay on the topic Writing project Part 1 (Memo).Currently? I? am? a? student? in?_(your major or subject on the blank) and the topic that I am discussing is not only relevant to me but to all students regardless of the course they are taking because we all eat in our cafeterias. This issue had been around for quite some time already and there seems no action done to correct the situation. Raising the issue even through an academic paper will help raise awareness on the issue and hopefully, the kind of food we eat in our cafeteria will improve.

I attached the source of Ann Cooper’s talk in Ted for the whole speech to be appreciated as well as related literature and a documentary that will provide more depth about Ann Cooper’s assertion. The related literature is about an article about Michael Pollan’s “Omnivore Dilemma” where it explained how our source of our food is becoming a factory and is no longer grown the way it used to be. Worst, industrial farm factory and the use of GMOs are even packaged to be a better food source than organic farming. This is supplemented by the documentary film of “Food Inc” where it provided a vivid display of the transformation of our food from naturally grown to factorization courtesy of big.

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