World Civilizations

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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: World Civilizations II (since 1500).This strengthened the empire economically thus making it to expand. Strong army that this empire had took advantage of new military possibilities to prevent internal conflicts and conquer other empires to expand its territories. However, the empire declined due to economic and military crises. According to Bulliet, Crossley, and Headrick (586), the evolution of military technologies other firearms and military strategies that were more effective. The empire found it difficult to adapt these strategies due to their nature and costs thus resulting to military crises. These crises contributed very greatly to the decline of this kingdom. Moreover, economic crises that emerged from inflation also played a significant role in declining this empire. Inflation that affected this empire came because of flooding of cheap silver from the new world (Bulliet, Crossley, and Headrick 586). The inflation resulted to a decline in the financial power of the empire and reducing its economic strength thus making it to decline.

Safavid Empire of Iran and the Mughal Empire of India were similar in several ways. However, their most conspicuous similarities were in terms of politics and religion. In terms of religion, both this two empires had a specific religion. All the citizen in those empires were forced to convert into these religions otherwise they were prosecuted. In terms of politics, both the empires were ruled by an emperor. The emperor was the one entitled to make all the major decisions in the empire ranging from when to go to war and when to negotiate with other empires for peace. Moreover, both the empires used to charge taxes to its citizens to help it in running its activities of ruling. Culture and society of Istanbul and that of Isfahan have various similarities as well as differences. The major similarity in the cultures of these two cities is that they consisted of Muslim culture.

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