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One of The Institute’s worksheets series, to help you improve your leadership skills and capability, making you a better leader This worksheet, based on the Spotlight ‘Organisational Governance and Financial Compliance,’ will help you focus and raise your awareness of how you can contribute to the governance and financial compliance of your organisation. You should take approximately two hours to complete this worksheet and read the accompanying Spotlight Elements of Corporate Governance Unscramble the letters below to identify eight elements of corporate governance: convergentcapoarore marketing samen corporatemenclip scannerparty formulateworkergary nauticalbitcoy preoccupiedseniorslad ancestor trollinn Who is Responsible? Outline the responsibilities of the following groups of people with respect to organisational governance and financial compliance: Executive Directors Finance Staff Non-Executive Directors Managers Employees Auditors Shareholders Regulatory Bodies .. Worksheet Ethics: Organisational Governance and Financial ComplianceReporting and Compliance Regular, structured reporting is essential to support governance and compliance, but where there is fraud and cover- up there also need to be the ‘alarms’ which can indicate that things are going wrong and that the organisation is not ‘healthy’ What would you look for that would tell you if your organisation was healthy or not? Healthy Unhealthy Corporate Governance and Risk Management Whilst risk can be mitigated, it cannot be removed totally from an organisation’s day-to-day and strategic operations. Using your organisation as an example, identify one risk related to corporate governance from each of the categories below, and indicate how that risk might be mitigated: Shareholder: Environmental: Compliance: Operational: Societal: Employee: Financial: Political: Review: How would you start a discussion with a colleague to explain the importance of regulatory compliance? All references are cited in The Institute of Leadership & Management (2018) “Spotlight on Organisational Governance and Financial Complianco

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