Wireless and mobile technologies

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Write a 5 pages paper on wireless and mobile technologies. Basically, one can develop a mobile technology on mobile technology on a mobile device or on a computer to develop another mobile technology. For example, WAP is a mobile technology, and so are the mobile applications and SMS and mobile websites etc.These technologies are utilized by organizations in different ways so as to improve their efficiency. They are utilized by organizations so as to realize an unprecedented connectivity level between employees, customers, and/or vendors. Employees are able to download applications on their phones that enable them to connect via social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or the organization may utilize web-site based applications so as to facilitate for direct communication with their customers in different ways. Real-time communication in very important in realizing business benefits, like improved customer service, efficient use of staff time, and a range of products and services delivered (Smyth, et al. 2004).Because of the interactive nature of these technologies, organizations are able to get urgent feedback on products and services from their customers through sharing of information through this medium.Rapid development and business research are some of the results of efficient wireless communication technology. Besides, it offers a competitive advantage to firms in their different industries hence increased productivity and quality of output. In this respect, consumer community is also made to have a feeling of having a direct role in the development of a company.Mobile technology introduced fresh ways of product promotion and advertisements. There are apps incorporated in the mobile phones which enhance people’s awareness on various goods and services and market trends which effectively offer companies platform to promote diverse brands.

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