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Write an article on William Wylers The Little Foxes: the Films Depiction. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Bazin regards cinema as an idealistic phenomenon with technical features resting only in the background. As a humanist, he thrives on the view that the idea is precedent to the invention and is, therefore, superior to the technical means used in achieving it. In his book The Evolution of the language of Cinema, he asserts that the necessity for an idea towards technical means is one that requires a new form or style. Bazin states that the cinema is much elevated as compared to photography because of its ability to record the event in time and posits that filmmakers must refrain from false subjective manipulation owing to the complexity of reality which the cinema characteristically pursues. There has been confusion in the domain of film theory concerning Bazin’s writings, which can be traced down to the image being filmed and its life counterpart, in which he says that the photographic image is one that may be described as a kind of transfer. It is the object itself which is freed from the conditions of time and space governing it. There is a commonality in the photograph and the object itself whose sameness is pursued by a fashion of the fingerprint. Wyler’s The Little Foxes is a film depicting a family torn apart by greed, featuring Bette Davis in her most villainous role. The film is considered a masterpiece of cinematic craftsmanship in which first-rate support actors gave life to their roles. Wyler’s film shows details that depict Bazin’s ideas in The Evolution of Film Language. Cinema as an idealistic phenomenon which Bazin explores in his essay is embodied in The Little Foxes with the film’s portrayal of greed and avarice having the real message it wants to convey – that of the consequences of evil acts which men must avoid. As Bazin generally describes a film as a medium of duplicating reality, Wyler was able to successfully convey this duplication in real-life experiences of wealth and greed in the Hubbard and Giddens family, in which surefire downfall awaits people of extreme greed. Wyler explores the moral conflicts experienced by his heroine Regina Giddens with the use of depth-of-field photography through the captured emotions needed to surface from a villainous character. How other characters were portrayed, such as that of being kind (Horace and Alexandra Giddens) reinforced the evilness of the heroine through implied comparison. The moral conflicts are tackled in the story with wealth and money as the groundwork of the exhibited behavior of the characters, whether acting upon it or away from its influences and corruption. Regina Giddens is in a situation which might be considered a maze in which she was to succumb to social norms of this time where a woman does not bring money with her when she gets married regardless of the family’s wealth. Hence, she must rely financially on her husband. The social norms had placed her in a stringent situation totally not giving her a space to express her fondness for money.

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