Why you are interested in becoming a Doctor

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Write the following essay on Why you are interested in becoming a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine. Provide information about your development for a career in Podiatric Medicine. The essay is to be 1 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.I have always gravitated more towards the field of medicine since that time when I first joined the global medicine masters program at USC. This is because of a very terrifying experience which I had to deal with for quite a long time in my childhood. This experience involves my brother with whom I have always been very emotionally attached.He suffered a leg injury when I was quite young and seeing him writing in pain casted a deep influence on me. I am very sorry that my brother could not have a really talented paediatrician who would have helped him walk better. I have personally witnessed how not being able to walk perfectly can interfere with a good life which every human being wants. I have also constantly lived with the idea of how big an influence a paediatrician can cast on an adolescent’s life and this idea has never once ceased to amaze me.Seeing my brother’s pain emphasized that intensity even more with which I began to idealize the career of paediatric medicine. I want to become a professional paediatrician because I am exactly aware of the potential of such professionals to bring a critically positive change in the lives of suffering

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