Why did camp David summit in 2000 Collapse

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Write 10 page essay on the topic Why did the camp David summit in 2000 Collapse.he favorite spot for negotiation due to its previous successes such as 1978’s Camp David Accords whereby the then United States’ President Jimmy Carter brokered a peace deal between Egypt and Israel, and 1993’s Oslo Accord on the Final Status Settlement. which provided agreement should be reached between Palestinians and Israelis on all outstanding issues primarily based on historical injustices with which the negotiations, which were for the most part verbal neither fulfilled Palestinians or Israeli interests thus the collapse of the summit (Finkelstein, 2005, pp.39-53). The two parties failed to agree over the following issues, the so-called final status settlement, and which formed the basis of negotiation:The Palestinians refugees demanded full implementation right of return which included: Each refugee to be granted the option of returning back to his/her home, with property restored and/or accept compensation. This would mean a concession by Israel which translates to demographic overwhelming of Israel since the first Arab-Israeli war led to movement of a significant number of Palestinian Arabs approximately 750000 from Israel whom by today is slightly over four million people inclusive of their descendants. Socially, Israel observed this influx could jeopardize its Jewish character and majority of the decision makers maintained that a large number of Jewish refugees were expelled from Arab countries and that they were never compensated, ruling out the demands of restoration of property and/or compensation to Palestinians by Israel, which at that point was against the will and demands of Palestinians. Economically, an international fund worth$30 billion was to be set up in a bid to help resettle the refugees in their present place of inhabitance at an expense of Israel gradually absorbing 150,000 refugees a year. a proposal which at first did not favor Israel but Palestinians in a nutshell and in the long run analysis.Israel on their side strongly

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