Why cinema should be allowed in Saudi Arabia

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Write a 5 page essay on Why cinema should be allowed in Saudi Arabia.

By 1917, 80 movies were produced in Egypt (Kraidy, 2007 pp.49). In Saudi Arabia, the production of cinema was not accepted until the 1960’s and 1970’s. This was after King Faisal dealt with the negative attitudes of the Muslim religious school in regards to film production. Even so, movie theaters are still not run in Saudi Arabia and this is because of the religious suspicions. In addition, the introduction of most Arabic Cinemas is due to the influence of foreign residents. The first film in Egypt took place in the year 1927 and was known as Leila (Fandy, 2003 pp 27).In addition, there are filmmakers in the Arab world including the qualified and skilled artists and technicians in the industry. Moreover, there is adequate equipment that is used for the production of a film. On the other hand, in some Arab countries the production of cinema is not encouraged or is very limited. Additionally, the first film in Syria took place in 1928 but by the year 1968, less than 20 films had been produced in the country.

To support the film production industry some Arab countries like Syria and Egypt took crucial steps in the 1960’s to support the production of cinema (Kraidy & Joe, 2009 pp. 22).The government has not been supportive of the film industry. In 1980, the government banned the cinema industry and the entire cinemas operating at that particular time were closed (Dubai press, 2010). On the other hand, there is a huge possibility that the government will support the cinema industry. In addition, many government officials have been heard saying that they will lift the ban of the industry. Rumors were circulating in regards to the issue of film production but became true when the minister of labor of Saudi Arabia gave details on the processes and procedures that allow for the registration of cinema as well as obtain license in Saudi Arabia.

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