What is new media

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Write an essay on What is new media. It needs to be at least 500 words.nication content, such that either unique content would be passed on to one individual at a time, or general content would be passed to many audiences at a time, but both would not occur simultaneously (Crosbie, 1998). The old media comprised of one-to-one (interpersonal communication) or one-to-many (mass communication),where the interpersonal communication would allow for passing a unique content to one person only. at a time, while the mass media would allow for the distribution of the same message to a large audience, but without the ability to make the content individualized or made unique for any single individual (Crosbie, 1998).Thus, the New Media can be defined as the mode of communication that allows for unique and general content transmission at a time, meaning that using the new media, an individual can be able to communicate a unique message to a selected individual in form of a one-to-one communication, and at the same time be able to send a general communication content to a wider audience (Crosbie, 1998). Thus, New Media is characterized by the possibility of democratization of the communication content. the possibility to send and receive communication either in the form of unique or general content for an individual.The New Media can also be defined as a creation of the technological advancement, such that it is a communication media that could not have been possible if technology did not exist (Manovich, 2001). It is possible to communicate one-to-one without any technological aid, for example through face-to-face communication of two individuals. Additionally, it is possible to communicate to a wider audience without the use of technology, for example a leader addressing a gathering. However, it is not possible to communicate a unique content to one individual and pass general information to the rest of the gathering, if technology does not exist. In this respect, New Media is the communication media that is technology-dependent, and which

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