Wendy’s Hamburgers

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay:

Wendy’s Hamburgers.

His desire to control his life and business is a good illustration of some of the basic entrepreneurial traits. Also, he has demonstrated open mindedness and innovation traits when decided to open burger restaurant with new innovative and creative ideas. When he has made a decision to shift to hamburgers, he made a decision to shift to the thing which he really liked. In such a way he has demonstrated his passion to do what he loves. Despite the skepticism and negative forecasts of experts he has made a decision to move forward with his idea. Thus, Dave has demonstrated optimism and belief in himself and his expertise, which is also critical for successful entrepreneur.

2. Dave’s success with the first Wendy’s restaurant can be attributed to an idea to offer fresh hamburgers of high quality. This was something new as the competitors offered hamburgers made from a frozen meat. Even though the market was saturated he has managed to find a unique selling point or the so called competitive advantage, which enabled his business to develop and grow despite fierce competition on the market. It is possible even to suggest that he has broken some stereotypes, as fast food is usually associated with bad quality and unhealthy food. Thus, fresh high quality fast food offered in Dave’s restaurant has contributed to shift in consumer’s perceptions about fast food. He has managed to satisfy customers’ needs and even exceed their expectations, making the restaurant profitable within the first weeks after the opening.

3. The phrase about the most difficult thing in running business is “being willing to listen to customers then doing whatever it takes to make your dream (and their wants) a reality” could be interpreted as Dave’s vision of his role as an entrepreneur. Dave is an entrepreneur who pursues his own dream, and chooses optimal

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