Water and Food Security

Write 12 page essay on the topic Water and Food Security: Innovations for a Changing Climate.This, in turn, induces overall imbalance and clash which further make ways for hampering in the achievements of basic human rights. At present, it is estimated that nearly one billion people have been lacking in terms of food and nutrition and almost 800 million people do not have their reach on freshwater (United Nations). Different countries are facing catastrophic conditions at present, in terms of food shortages and fresh water supply shortages. 2011 proved to be a year of natural disasters and political unrest. As a large number of people were facing issues related to food supply and fresh water supply. With East Africa and South Asia were the two most prominent countries as they faced the worst natural calamities, political unrest in the Arab region further lead towards more hunger and mass migration of people of that region.&nbsp.Similarly, Japan, is one of the strongest economies of the world, was hit by triple catastrophe first an earthquake than a tsunami and later followed by nuclear crisis resulted in the shortage of food and fresh water. However according to the recent survey report of world food program 2011, 100 million people in 75 different countries of the world required food assistance in which majority of them were women and children (to be precise 83 million) (WFP, 5). Nigeria, is one of the oil-producing country and most populated country of Africa, due to bad governance and corruption has been going through shortage of agricultural resources causing million of Nigerian a hunger. Similarly, neighboring countries of Nigeria also have food shortages they export the majority of their crops to Nigeria in an exchange with oil. This further leads them towards more hunger causing the catastrophic condition. In 2005 thousand of children died because of the shortage of food in neighboring countries of Nigeria.

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