Views of aristotle and plato

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Create a 5 pages paper that discusses similarities between the views of aristotle and plato. Aristotle presented in the work The Aim of Man his main ideas on ethics.&nbsp. According to him, ethics is a form of practical science, thus he was known for his experiential approach in ethics (Aristotle 691).Based on the views of Plato or Aristotle then, one’s way of life is more ethical and practical than another when one does not only think of one’s own good but contribute to the goodness of the society and the state.&nbsp. Through the course of the discussion then, both the views of the two philosophers will be discussed.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp.The differences between Aristotle and Plato can be presented on different points.&nbsp. The first one is in relation to the manner of achieving an ethical life.&nbsp. Aristotle viewed that ethics was more practical and experiential while Plato viewed that it is more theoretical.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. Aristotle presented a view on ethics that is more practical and experiential.&nbsp. For that matter, based on his view, one’s life can be more ethical if it is more experiential.&nbsp. This means that a person needs to primarily focus on his or her function in society to have an ethical life.&nbsp. Aristotle indicated that a man needs to be “rational and exercise his reason, not just possess it” because this is what separates him from other animals (Aristotle 700).&nbsp. He believed that goodness can be defined as a state wherein a particular entity maximizes its potentials and skills (Aristotle 694).&nbsp. One example that can be given is the profession.&nbsp. If a person is good in a certain field of study such as arts, he or she needs to pursue that field.&nbsp. In this manner, life is more ethical if it’s more practical.&nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. &nbsp. Plato presented a more theoretical view of ethics.&nbsp. His view was focused on seeking improvement to be able to gain an understanding of the reality of life.&nbsp. Through the Allegory of the Cave, he presented that “power and capacity of learning exist in the soul already…so the instrument of knowledge can only be by the movement of the whole soul…from the world of becoming into that of being…” (Plato 454).&nbsp. This means that Plato considered life as ethical when actions undertaken by man were aimed in the improvement of the soul.&nbsp. For that matter, his view was considered more theoretical and spiritual.

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