Vedic Divinities

This article introduces you to the term deva, which is usually translated as “god.”  The author of the article, “DEVAS,” Ian Kesarcodi-Watson, discusses this term in the context of polytheism.  The discussion introduces several important terms that appear in the Upani? ads and other works, such as brahman, ?tman, ??vara, the trimurti.  What is your understanding of what the author is trying to prove? Do you agree based on what you have read in the text or in my notes?[In preparing your response, consult the file on “Vedic Divinities” in the WEEK 8 Block.]SUBMIT IN PDF or WORD FORMAT. I WANT TO BE SURE THAT THE FILE WILL OPEN.  ALSO SIMPLIFY THE NAME OF THE FILE BY USING THE FOLLOWING FORMAT:  

  LAST NAME_5[NOTE: The article is situated below this assignment.]POINTS: 3DEADLINE:  October 11WORDS: Approximately 500 words FORMAT:  Paragraph (essay style).  Place your name and date at the bottom of the page in the footer.

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