Use of real depiction

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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: They use real depiction instead of the self style.Whitman also uses jargon in his writing. The use of jargon in Whitman works portrays serious life issues in a non-serious way but still passes the message. His use of jargon to create awareness of grave issues has revolutionized the writing world. In comparison to Whitman, Fireside Poets attack issues directly and do not go around them by using fancy words.The use of prose by Harding Davis in her intentions of educating the public makes her artistic fiction better. The use of fiction in writing creates awareness, strengthens the artistic aspects of a work, and displays creativity.The way writers choose to represent their ideas and opinions affects the writing artistry. Different writing styles impact the writing world differently. If the writers want to pass information to, or create awareness in, the public, they have to use writing styles that will influence the

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