Use of apostrophes

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It looks like you can use more practice on use of apostrophes; I was seeing many unnecessary mistakes. A plural (no apostrophe) means more than one of something, while possessive (apostrophe) indicates something belongs to someone. Identify and correct any incorrect uses in the sentences below. (Don’t revise the sentences, but do write out the sentences with the corrected use of plurals and possessives as needed.) (Each question is worth 5 points.)

1. The boss’s of the company are twin brother’s; all employees’ are required to be introduced upon hire.

2. Once the groups project has been completed, the members’ are eligible for a promotion.

3. The hospital physician’s are considered the nations best and are recruited from other countries to come here.

4. Entrepreneur’s are required to have business licenses to conduct sale’s in this city.

5. The United States’ Post Offices stamp’s are available for purchase in roll’s or packets.

6. Its’ company policy to submit employee evaluation’s to Human Resource’s each quarter.

7. Thursday’s and Friday’s are the best days for our group to meet in the libraries media center.

8, Member’s of the maintenance crew worked hard to finish all the room’s by the shifts’ end.

9. All report’s must be submitted to the supervisors assistant before next quarters staff meeting.10. Customers’ are requested to check in their package’s before entering the dressing room’s.

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