US healthcare system

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Create a 3 page essay paper that discusses US healthcare system.The government primarily provides for its employees health insurance. The Americans values and beliefs evidently define the healthcare system. These values and beliefs have for a very long time gone on record to have stalled attempts of health care reforms. This is caused by conflict of values that are deeply rooted. The ideological clash should be solved so that pragmatic changes can be achieved. These values include freedom to choose, fairness, and the responsibility for everybody in health care. A survey showed that the Americans come to the debate about the healthcare with mixed feelings and a small base of the exact knowledge. However, the Americans hold some core values that determine their responses to the proposal made to the national change. We witness many speeches by political leaders and a lot of money being spent on advertisements by interested groups so as to persuade the public to accept their views on which direction should be taken by the Americans in the health care. Experts design messages to rally Americans oppose or support the proposed health care reforms (Shi, et al. 2010).Medicare is a program by the federal health insurance for the individuals that are aged 65 years that have paid and worked into the system, younger people that have disabilities, and those suffering from End-stage Renal Diseases. Medicaid is for individuals and families with limited resources and low incomes. It is a program for social health care. It is a program designed for everybody who has a low income and cannot afford for health care regardless of the age.Both programs are federal healthcare programs, but they also have differences between the two. This includes who is in charge of their running, who qualifies to benefit from them, and the services offered and the amount charged (Smith, D. G. 2002).Medicaid is administered by the

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