Urban poverty a consequence of strategy

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Urban poverty is a consequence of strategy

Various scholars have written about the persistence of poverty in urban environments while trying to know why poverty is highly prevalent in the barrio and the ghetto. Although these issues have played a vital role in helping to realize the challenges that poor people in urban environments encounter, it is possible to misuse or understand them. Presently, poverty incidences being witnessed in cities are complex phenomena. Here, a number of competing and overlapping poverty concepts help to focus attention on how poor individuals behave. They raise attention on the ways in which the problems that individual encounters may be attributed to public assistance or the flaws evident in basic politics and structure (Pappas 25).&nbsp.

Various observers in the contemporary economic environment regard poverty as a structure. In this regard, certain patterns that are witnessed in large-scale socioeconomic perspectives, as well as change, play a vital role in creating and preventing alleviation of poverty. A number of arrangements generate more poverty compared to others and most developments being witnessed in the United States have followed this direction. The U.S. is experiencing a new era as global capitalism is intensifying (Goldsmith 16). Between 1974 and 1994, the U.S. marked this change during the oil price shock that was witnessed globally during this period, when a new world economic patterns became effective.

These changes emerged as unmistakable when urban aid was cut back in the late 1970s (Ni and Kresl 37).One of the major striking features in most Americans’ minds is that the federal government was unwilling to practice clear as well as independent influence over America‚Äôs economy. A part of this reluctance resulted from the difficulties witnessed while enforcing the practice. For instance, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury encountered difficulties while using the Keynesian monetary and fiscal tools to help them in controlling unemployment, inflation, as well as interest in a simultaneous manner (Brunn, Williams, and Zeigler 34).

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