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These stakeholders might include investors, the government, business personalities, and even the residents of the city. Town planning is a political and technical process that is responsible for controlling the use of land, protecting and maintaining the welfare of people, and the development of the urban environment. This urban environment includes communication networks and transportation facilities. Furthermore, town planning is a technical process that must involve public participation, and political will (Kempen, 2005).

This political will must come from government officials, politicians, and the public. It is impossible to achieve it, without involving these people, into the plan-making process. Town planning involves the rehabilitation of the various parts of the city and also developing an open land for construction or for purposes of using it for economic and social activities (Corburn, 2009). Based on this fact, the process of plan-making would involve the setting of goals, collection and analysis of data, public consultation, strategic thinking and the design of the buildings or facilities under consideration. Based on these facts, a plan making process is a procedure in which a planner would follow for purposes of developing a town plan. From a general perspective, it is possible to separate city planning in two different parts, land use management, and strategic planning.&nbsp.

This theoretical framework identified the need for public participation in the plan-making process. However, the major weakness of this theoretical framework is that it only identified a single public interest, and it is this interest that the planners were concerned with satisfying.

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