Urban economics

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Write a 6 page essay on Urban economics.Aspects such as population, employment and poverty index among others will be discussed in this study.As a point of departure, the City of San Antonio is found in the United States with the population of 1, 409, 019, making it the seventh most populous city in the US. This population is an indication of 16% increase since the year 2000. The growth rate in this city has been cited to be high and San Antonio is ranked among the top ten in terms of growth in the last decade. The location of this city is towards the South west of the US. It is notable that, the city is attributed to features of other cities in the western urban, which include the sparsely populated places and a relatively low-density rate within the outskirts of the city. The climate of the City of San Antonio has an intermediary humid subtropical weather. During summer, the city experiences a relatively hot weather and during winter, the climate is mild and cold, especially at night. Consider the following image that indicates a section of the city of Antonio. The city covers an area size of 1, 205.4 km2 and land of 1,193.7km2. In addition, the city has 5.78 square miles of water. In terms of supply of water, the city has been in need of water for expansion purposes and can only acquire this commodity by buying rights from the farmers (Thompson and Browne, 27)Like any other fast developing city with a relatively higher growth rate, the employment opportunities in most cases take an assorted trend due to the numerous dynamics that exists. For instance, the growing population of professionals both the youth and the experienced age of between 38 to 55years calls fro more job positions in both the formal and informal sectors. The employment opportunities in the City of San Antonio are pooled from both the private and public sectors. For instance, the job opportunities boost rose to 2.6% this year and the unemployment rate reducing to the minimum of the 4.6%. This

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