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Submit a 2750 words essay on the topic University Supplements.His philanthropic work has made a difference in medicine, science, and education in the United States. For instance, his financial support to medical research allowed the discovery of the cures for the hookworm and for yellow fever as well. Being a self-made man seemed inconsistent with his humility and religiosity.He was a devout Baptist, and thus was also supportive of religious advocacies his whole life. One other characteristic which I admired from him is his self-discipline. He was in fact totally free from alcohol, smoking, and vice throughout his lifetime.If a movie is to be made about my life, I want it to be about a famous, successful businessman just like John Rockefeller. The story is about a competent professional who has remained virtuous. There are few for whom the same things could be said. It may be quite difficult to exercise moderation with such wealth and power, and yet the man has been very successful at exercising virtue. The man has strived not to forget his roots and to pay forward all the material blessings that he has received. The man shows humility, religiosity, and sincerity in helping others, leaving a lasting legacy in business after his demise.I intend to become a successful businessman someday. I would like to follow the footsteps of my father who is an established businessman himself. I believe that NYI can provide me with the competencies needed to become such, and expose me to the nuances of international business. The University shall accord me with exposure to international companies and niches. The learning that the institution offers does not cease within the four walls of the classroom, but also includes a valuable practicum portion with leading minds in the realm of business. The formation I shall receive shall encompass knowledge, skills, and practical knowhow that will allow me to realize my potential.I would like to be a student of Tufts

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