Unit 3 Discussion 2

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Write 3 page essay on the topic Unit 3 Discussion 2.Gray, S. (2012). A Study of Negotiation styles between business managers from UK and Indian cultural backgrounds. Dissertation paper presented to University of Wolverhampton Business School. West Midlands. https://publications.theseus.fi/bitstream/handle/10024/48611/Culture%20Dissertation%20by%20Sasha%20Gray.pdf?sequence=1The above research paper researches aims at developing an in depth understanding of the culture led differences in business negotiation styles in India and UK. The paper begins by defining culture to create an understanding of its implication to different areas of life including business. Data analyzed in the paper shows that there is a significant difference in how business people in India and UK want to be treated and thus it is important to understand these differences for effective negotiation. The paper generally recommends a more conservative form of business negotiation style in India than in the UK.The above book by Kumar and Worm seeks to advice people who intend to venture in emerging economies such as India and China on how to effectively negotiate in these two cultures. The book offers extensive coverage of the culture differences between the West and these two Asian economic giants. The book recommends that business negotiators must appreciate the culture differences in these countries and their home countries in order to succeed in business.The conduct of diplomacy in the 21st century has been affected by new forms of challenges that arise from globalization and interdependence among nations. Diplomacy has gotten intensive, volatile, plural-directional and multifaceted. This is as a result of the large numbers of objectives, ways of communication, dialogues subjects and the heightened complexity in terms of factors. Having been written by a Foreign Service expert and leading scholar, this book analyses all these factors

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