Types of resume

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Deliverable Length: 1,500 words:

Three 500-word resumes that effectively present the student’s experience and skills


You will create this assignment following the Assignment Detail instructions below. This assignment will be submitted in the Unit 3 – Submission Assignment lesson in intellipath. Review the tutorial titled How to Submit the Intellipath Submission Assignment Please submit your work to this week’s Intellipath Unit Submission lesson. Click the Upload button within the submission lesson to access the submission area. Click the Select File button to upload your document, and then click “OK” to finish.

Assignment Details You are almost finished with your degree; you expect to graduate within a few months. It is time to start searching for a job, and that means you need a resume. In this course thus far, you should have learned that there are three types of resumes you can use: Functional, chronological, and hybrid. Using the career path created in the Unit 1 assignment, complete the following activities:Go back through your last 5 years of experience.

Think about the following:

The places you have worked The organizations you have participated in the educational experiences you have had Create a resume using this information in each of the following types:

Functional Chronological Hybrid

Submit all 3 resumes in 1 Microsoft Word document file.

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