Travel marketing

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Write an essay on Travel marketing. Paper must be at least 4000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!This is exactly one of the objectives that informs this current report.From a face look there is no doubt that significant changes in the consumer behavioral patterns and stiffening threats posed by competitors are at the very core of this downward slide. Over the years the company’s principle of standing on the aisle of low-cost fares that includes the exemption of meal options onboard and other luxuries services have steadily lost their usefulness the failure to immediately recognize these indicators are the result of the decline that is currently taken place in the company.As a response, the company adopted a deliberately policy of segmenting the European market on a number of indices based on mainly income level and lifestyle.A cardinal objective of this report will be to highlight the operational environment of the company so as to gauge how effective and plausible its marketing strategies are. In a more narrow sense the goal is to identify where it stands with regards to the success of its advertisement campaigns within the framework of identifying its internal strengths that have the capacity to propel it into greater market heights in the phase of the stringent competition from other players in the industry.The advent of globalization with its attendant stiff necked competition has put players in the transportation industry. particularly those operating in the airline enterprises are now exposed to a new breed of challenges which require a strategic restructuring of policies that will enhance their ability to remain competitive. Among other things new campaigns are geared towards the enhancement of a standard level of customer loyalty. Robust marketing strategies have become an integral part of this new drive.Conscious of this, players in the industry have now brazed themselves up to respond to the new aggressive standards. this means that at the heart of all what needs to be done is to critically reassess

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