Traffic Noise

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Creating a thesis and an outline on Traffic Noise.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

An abstract is required. For example in ancient Rome, chariots were banned from the streets at night because their wheels clattered on paving stones producing noise that disrupted sleep at night causing annoyance to the citizens. Horse-drawn carriages have also been associated with noise in cities. They were banned in some countries centuries after the chariots were banned in Rome. Noise from vehicles has been reported to cause 80% of noise pollution in major cities and urban centres.

The organization for Economic Development and Corporation estimated that 37% of the total population in the U.S.A In 1980 was at risk of been annoyed by the increasing noise from the road traffic. The total miles of vehicular travel in the United States of America had annually increased at a rate of 3.1% growth from the year 1980 to the year 1996. In this regard, there was a suggestion of the increase in the number of people been annoyed by the increase in the level of traffic noise in the environment they were living in. This report was in accordance with the survey done by the department of transportation (DOT). As the population increases and as the sources of information become more powerful and numerous, exposure to noise pollution increases.

There is increasingly valuable sources of traffic pollution in the highway, rail and the air traffic (Salvi et al, 2009). This has adverse effects in our homes, social places, in the workplaces and learning environments. Traffic causes noise pollution with a wide range of health economic and social effects on human beings. This has concluded after intensive research by many professionals all over the world (Ga?rling, and L. Steg, 2010, pg. 47) It is an important environmental stressor in urban areas. This a great disturbance of sleep which results in major health effect. There is substantial inter-individual variance to the effects in reference to different individuals regarding the difference in the sensitivity of the noise.

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