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W6 D1 Students need to contribute three substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts must include your initial response and Two (2) replies to questions posed by your fellow classmateLook at what you have learned throughout the course (OPS/571) about Operations Management.In your initial response to Week Six DQ 1What one burning question do you have about what you have read or that we have discussed during our short time together. It may be a question to reinforce, clarify, or gain a deeper understanding relating to a learning objective for any of the six weeks we have been together.Use this format for your initial PostIn week X we read and talked about ______________________________________________________________________.I have a question about ___________________________________________________________________________________.I would like to know ______________________________________________________________________________________ ?Post your initial response early. This will allow your fellow students an opportunity to think about and then answer your question before the Saturday deadline.For example; In week six we read and talked about the many companies turning to Third-Party Logistics (3PL).I have a question about the logistics needs (procurement, transportation, warehousing, distribution, Etc.).I would like to know what is required to make cross-docking a viable solution for a logistics provider?In your replies to two (2) of your classmates questions, provide them with an answer to their question. Your reply cannot be a cut and paste from the text or any other source; rather your replies must be your own words based on your own knowledge which you have gained from this class.Include references for any borrowed material or a link to research you found interesting and noteworthy.ReferenceECER, F. (2016). Third-Party Logistics (3PLs) Provider Selection via Fuzzy AHP and EDAS Integrated Model, Retrieved from

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