Theory Application Project

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OverviewFor this assignment, you will refer to the Theory Application Project Rubric for explicit information about the paper due at the end of the course. Be sure to carefully read the entire document so that you understand the big picture before embarking on any of the smaller steps, which are provided to help you manage your time and this course-long deadline.Theory Application ProjectInstructions/Order Description1. Choose a movie and a theory/theorist.2. For the Thinking Ahead step, write a brief description of the developmental stages you are considering writing about, which theorist you are leaning towards and why, and the movie you are considering watching.3. Examples of developmental theories/theorists include the following: Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory (Stages); Learning Theories (Behaviorism/Skinner); Social-CognitiveTheory (Bandura); Cognitive Theories (Piaget); Sociocultural Theory (Vygotsky); Information Processing Theory; Ethology and Evolutionary Biological Psychology; andEcological Systems Theory (Bronfenbrenner).4. I recommend that you choose your theory/theorist before watching the movie and do enough research to feel comfortable with the theory/theorist.REQUIREMENTS:a.    The minimum word count for this paper is 2,000 wordsb.    You must include at least five sources, three of which must come from academic journals (see list of academic journals that follows).c.    I expect an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. College-level writing is required.d.     Cite your sources throughout the paper and provide a reference page.e.    APA style is required throughout the paper.

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