Theoretical Approaches to Quality Service

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Submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Theoretical Approaches to Quality Service in Tourism and Hospitality. The tourism and hospitality industry plays an important role in the economy of a country by earning foreign exchange and creating employment opportunities for the residents of that country. Also, knowledge and concepts that will be beneficial to the country are exchanged indirectly contributing to its development. Furthermore, an opportunity for cultural mix and exchange is created and this explains the existence of intermarriages between citizens of different countries (Prideaux, Moscardo and Laws 2006).Quality tourism and hospitality are determined by the state of the goods and services offered. According to the marketing context, goods and services are commonly referred to as products. Goods are tangible products for example food while services are intangible products like advice on the choice of food to be made. Tourism and hospitality services refer to deeds, activities, performance, processes, and benefits extended to tourists. Tourism and hospitality services are offered to tourists with the aim of satisfying their needs and desires while they are away from their home areas for example transportation, accommodation and entertainment services (Prideaux, Moscardo and Laws 2006).Due to the marketing mix and force changes, today customers expect quite high standards of tourism and hospitality services. This has resulted in an increase in market competition in this economic field as more tourism destinations are being identified. Therefore, there have been formulations of strategies focusing on the extension of quality services to customers. These strategies usually revolve around theoretical and practical marketing and customer care concepts (Brotherton 2003).Approaches to quality services in tourism and hospitality aim at exploring the practical operational environment of tourism and hospitality services with the main goal of understanding the operations that are required to achieve quality in services extended to customers.

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