The use of animals in the experiments

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The Use of Animals in the Experiments

The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The increase in experiments with the use of animals resulted in an increase in the vivisection of the animals. This resulted into increase in controversies due to the increased surgery and dissection of the part of organisms in the body of the animals. One of the proponents of Galenic physiology, Edmund O’Meara was one of the opponents of the use of animals in scientific and chemical experiments. He argued that the severe harm and physiological pain caused to the non-human animals as a result of the dissections conducted during the experiments cause a physiological imbalance to the animals which go unnoticed.

The animals subject to experiments are kept awake for a continuous period which is unjustified and unlawful (Gluck, Pasquale and Orlando 140). The unbearable pain borne out by the animals during the process of experiments always stay behind the awareness of the scientists and the researchers. The agonizingly painful processes that are faced by the non-human animals have led the opponents of the view to suggest a ban on the use of animals in experimental procedures. The experiments on the response of brains to the electrical impulses and shocks put the animals under the treatment of electrode bars.

The varying electrical impulses are passed on the body of the animals based on the inquisitiveness of the researchers. The animals are finally captivated to death in order to analyze the impact of the experimental procedures on the various parts of the body of the non-human animals (Monamy 74). Almost 300 million animals are forced to die in the scientific and chemical laboratories where the experiments are performed.

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