The Strategic Analysis of Coca-Cola

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The Company has been the most complex part of many countries’ culture over a century. The recognizable branding of coca cola products is one of the company’s greatest strengths. the image of its products is displayed on other goods like T-shirts and hats. In addition to that, the bottling system is also strong. it allows them to conduct business on a global scale and at the same time it maintains a local approach. The bottling partners are owned and operated by the independent business parties who are authorized to sell the products of the company. The coke does not have the outright ownership of its bottling network. its main source of profits is the sale of concentrate to its bottlers (Johnson, Scholes and Whittington 2008, p.208).

The labor relations practices for the Coca-Cola company are among the best worldwide and are in a continuous motion to improve them. Coca-Cola structure is one of the most greatly unionized multinational companies in the world with over thirty percent of workers belonging to unions. Its environmental practices are among the best on the planet yet they are still working to improve on them. The Coca-Cola quality structure is a worldwide program involving all aspects of their business. every employee of Coca-Cola is empowered and anticipated to maintain the high standards of value in their products, relationships, and processes. The company’s quality system mandates in self-assessment throughout its operations, by all the business units ( This enhances the high standards of quality production of their goods.

The company performs ingredient evaluation in their laboratories, for example, precise analysis of fruit juices and all other ingredients sent by suppliers to the company’s factory. Moreover, their processes undergo regular inspection in order to safeguard the water they are using in their production and packaging. The coca cola company has recently reported some declines in unit case volumes in some countries like Indonesia and Thailand. This is due to reduced consumer purchasing power. According to Cole (2006, p. 88), Japan is supposed to contribute three times as much to profits. South East Asia, Latin America, and Japan generate around 5% of the coke’s volume but none, of them, are performing to the expectation. Coca-Cola products have effects on the teeth, which is a significant health care issue.

In addition to that, the sugar present in the coca cola products may cause health problems if continuously consumed. Another problem caused by the company’s products is an addiction, as taking the products daily may affect the consumer’s health after some time.

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