The State Department of Transportation

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The State Department of Transportation proposes to redesign the signs on all the state highways such that they are easier to read from a greater distance. The Department’s hypothesis is that maximum reading distance in feet (Y) decreases as age (X) increases. The proposal, which is going to cost millions of dollars, is supposed to improve highway safety for older drivers. An independent research firm is hired to study the relationship between age and maximum sign legibility distance (in feet). The firm estimates the regression equation below for a sample of 100 drivers ranging in age from 18 to 80.Y^ = 590 – 3.4x, with a standard error of the slope for x of .54. The R2 = 66.6%Where Y^ = distance and x = driver ageWhich of the following statements is true?A.For each one-year increase in age after age 18, maximum sign legibility declines by 3.4 feet.B.The sample size of only 100 is not large enough to conclusively determine a relationship between age and maximum reading distanceC.There is a positive relationship between age and maximum reading distance.D.All of these answers are true.

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