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Submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The scholarships solution. rights advocates have made unsuccessful efforts to ensure that victims of historical injustices are provided with compensation as a means to show justice and fairness. Their failure has been attributed to the fact that some of these injustices were committed by past governments and the current society finds it quite challenging to carry these burdens. On the other hand, lack of compensation has been attributed to inadequate financial resources as well as biasness in relation to allocation of resources among the affected persons (Torpey, 2003).This document presents a proposed plan that will specifically focus on reparation of the descendants of the Tulsa 1921 Race Riot that occurred in Greenwood. Evidently, the survivors of this riot have not received any form of compensation or justice despite their efforts over the last six decades ( In this regard, the proposal shall offer a framework by, which the descendants of this social menace can be provided with scholarships as a means to compensate their fallen and surviving relatives. It is important to acknowledge that this proposal is not a government or non-government initiative, but rather an institutional initiative that will support 10 students, who have been identified as the descendants of the Tulsa 1921 Race Riots and are in need of financial support to complete their degrees at the University level.The major objective of this reparation plan is to provide support to the descendants of the Tulsa 1921 race riot n terms of scholarship for their university degrees. The scholarship program is expected to cover ten students, who have been identified and confirmed as direct descendants of the riots. There are some survivors of the riot that are still alive and they have been contacted regarding this issue. they have appreciated this efforts and are willing to provide any form of advice in case it will be needed.

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