The R Value

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Initial prompt:

Using the discussion prompt in your text for the section titled Pearson, we will examine practical ways to look at relationships between numbers. Very briefly, describe a study you might conduct in which it would be appropriate to compute a Pearson r (i.e., a study with one group of participants with two scores per participant). Predict if you perceive that the r-value would be ‘positive’ or ‘negative.’ Do you think that the relationship would be relatively ‘strong’ or ‘weak’? Why? My Post: An interesting study that could be conducted which is relevant to compute a Pearson would be to gather 20 students from this class, then calculate how many hours each student spends per week studying the material and working through discussions in comparison to what scores they get on their weekly assignments.

I would perceive the r value to be positive because I feel that we are all trying our best to pass this course with a good grade and our homework is the best way to practice and learn the material. I feel that for this particular study the relationship would be strong because with this being an online course, we typically spend a lot of time reading through the materials directly through the course. My text book is even online, so I spend even more time in front the computer screen when doing my weekly assignments or studying. Professor Feedback: Hi Melissa, Study time and grades in the course is a great example for this discussion activity. I would agree that this would have a strong positive correlation, but I do not agree with your reasoning of why it is strong positive correlation.

I would encourage you to make up data for your example and attempt my post Challenge (Optional): Find scatter plot and Pearson r in Excel and this may help you better understand the reasoning of why your example is a strong positive correlation. I look forward to your post and your further insight in your example. Thanks, Daniel Can someone please help me in regard to responding to my professor? How can I be more detailed in my initial response as far as my reasoning for a positive correlation? Please help, he is very strict and I just want to pass but my failure is the subject of statistics, I truly struggle. Thank you in advance my friends.

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