The Question of Objectivity in Edmund Husserl

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Write an essay on The Question of Objectivity in Edmund Husserl. Paper must be at least 750 words. Phenomenology refers to the continued endeavor to depict or illustrate experiences as well as conditions devoid of theoretical and metaphysical speculations. Husserl believed in the existence of an objective real world, which human beings have to limit, define, and bracket. According to Husserl, phenomenology refers to the science of consciousness and not of empirical things (Sawicki 2). Therefore, Husserl supported objectivity through phenomenology that aims at looking at particular examples minus theoretical assumptions before making judgments on the situation or circumstance.I agree to HusserlÂ’s perception objectivity and that people need to make fair judgments without feelings, imaginings, and biasness on various issues pertaining to life. The reason why I support Husserl on the idea of objectivity is that it enables people become independent thinkers. When an individual is in a challenging circumstance, independent thinking might assist him make informed decisions that may relieve or save him from the situation. Being an independent thinker is beneficial to an individual since it makes him to reason out from a neutral and independent mind view (Ryan 37). The independent mind always encourages innovation and inventions since one is not confined to particular thoughts or perspectives derived from an outside source. Consequently, being an independent thinker prevents one from being brainwashed by misleading misconceptions and fallacies. This is because an independent mind usually seeks to view situations and conditions in a different perspective and not from experiences or assumptions of people in relation to the issue (Ryan 39).Secondly, HusserlÂ’s position on objectivity is good since it creates a world of people with different views and thoughts, which is good for the progressive world. Since there are several challenges emerging in daily life, the need for

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