The Masquerade nightclub

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Create a thesis and an outline on The Masquerade nightclub. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This site offers patrons the opportunity to buy tickets to shows online. Information about the club is also present. Conveniently located in downtown Atlanta, the Masquerade has been the hotspot since 1989. One of the outstanding qualities of the club is the live music. The music played live and DJ spun is not mainstream music. Although there are some local band the open other acts at the Masquerade, most of the music is from established bands. The booking information for the website states: Currently, the Masquerade provides services to clients living in or visiting Atlanta, Georgia. They have established a presence in the downtown market through local advertising vehicles, patron endorsements, and the Internet. All of the Masquerade’s supporting administrative duties is handled by computer (i.e., appointments, billing, purchases, etc.). The Internet targets the high tech patron of the Masquerade. As mentioned before the Masquerade has created a website at The advantages of the development of a website are: The scope of this project will be to create a better web-based interface for the Masquerade’s customers. Currently the Masquerade has a basic website that is updated regularly, but lacks in depth, interesting hyperlinks. Hyperlinks for the different bands would help the Masquerade’s patron better understand what tickets they are buying. This would help the Masquerade promote their live acts more efficiently. User Interface is the connection between Masquerade, patrons, and bands.

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