The Impact of Technology on Experimentation and Popularity

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Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question:

The Impact of Technology on Experimentation and Popularity.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. As the study stresses music or visual art, there is an evolution which can be seen. This begins with the concept of the handicraft, such as seen in the oil paintings, sculptures or other types of natural art pieces. This is also seen in the acoustical sounds of music that are often noted with performances. Each of these has an aesthetic value that is used within the art and which was important in the values of society and culture in past times. Today, the integration of technology has changed the expression as well as the aesthetic value. The evolution is one which now integrates different techniques, sounds and ideas, specifically because of the ability to add in technology and to relate to the ways in which it can express the main ideologies that are a part of both the artists’ viewpoint and the concept which is valued through the spectator or listener.

According to the paper findings the concept of technology as a part of the evolution of art is one which relates to the ideology of Collingwood, specifically with the aesthetics theory. According to this specific theory, the artist evolves different ideals because of the relationship to aesthetics. When an artist sees specific ideals within society, such as images, there is a direct relation to the concept of what is considered as beautiful and what should be represented in different forms of art. The concept of music has moved from the idea of aesthetics that are based on acoustics, such as through classical forms of music. However, in the early 1900s, electronics began to be a part of the experimentation with musical instruments as well as with various composers.

By the 1950s, recording studios, electronic guitars and other electronic instruments were at the forefront of music. Rock and roll, country and other forms of contemporary sounds began to arise with the ideology of popular music. As these continued to form, there was also a different sound which was heard, mixtures of instruments that differed from the acoustical sounds and a growing popularity of both recordings and live performances with various musicians. The impact which technology had not only led to the making of music with technology, but also was associated with mass consumption of the music because of the new and popular sounds which were available to everyone both inside and outside of a performance (Theberge, 1997: 9). As popular music has continued to arise within culture and society, it has also led into a different way of associating with expression and the way in which music is heard.

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