The hypocrisy of american slavery

Prepare and submit a paper on the hypocrisy of american slavery. &nbsp.The Author put out his heart on the matter with regard to the part the nation is playing on the slavery question. I felt sad that the Author allows the slave mongers to succeed in his speech. The second question is a completely different approach to events concerning slavery.Similes (Second paragraph)“…lame man leap as a hart.” (Douglass, 1852)Metaphor (fourth paragraph)“…mournful wail of millions.” (Douglass, 1852)The speech presented here is powerful. it is touching and informative. It is with respect to slavery a call to action against the menace. The speaker uses a denial standpoint as he drives information concerning the hypocrisy that affects the American society and that is slavery. The speaker lashes out strong emotional words that probably leaves the audience in thoughts and acknowledgment that indeed they are wrong because they have not acted. It made me feels like I am a perpetrator of the hypocrisy for failing to act and give out direction or scorn slavery. The Independence Day became an opportune time for the speaker because he not only informed the audience that they were not yet independent, he said he was still a slave and will not keep arguing independence.

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